Flex-on: The Stirrup Stir Up

As No Stirrup November comes to an end we begin to appreciate the beauty of stirrups. During the month of November many equestrians engage in training without stirrups as a tradition of the sport with the purpose of developing a better seat, leg strength, and balance. Thus, it is only fair to return to a stirrup that enhances and complements the development of a no-stirrup practice.

Laurent Bordes, director of Bordes, a specialist in railway and aerospace subcontracting and his wife, Caroline, an experienced CSO rider, developed the revolutionary shock-absorbing Flex-on stirrups. These are engineered to absorb vibrations in the different joints helping segmental alignment and aiding achieve a balanced ride.  The “Grip” and Ultra-Grip” technologies used for the tread, optimize adhesion and help provide maximum stability and tightness for the rider. The elastomers, on the aluminum range,  come in three different levels of shock absorption: light blue is recommended for endurance, medium blue is recommended for leisure, hiking, dressage, and junior jumping, and dark blue is recommended for show-jumping and cross country. These are not the only variations, as the stirrups may also be customized with different colors, decorative inserts, footrests, and frames.

Through kinematic and vibrations analysis, Flex-on stirrups emerge as the most suitable for riding and thus the well-deserved stirrup to return to after a month of hard work without them. Find these beauties at www.equisboutique.com!

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