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“CARBON AIR EQUI-LIFTER Fetlock” are 100% Made in Italy fetlock boots. Their particular shape has been studied to provide a gentle strengthening (Level 1/3) to the response of the horse performing the jump, guaranteeing the maximum comfort. The elastic straps with quick-release-tip ensures ease of use. The external structure in TPU with differentiated thickness protects   from bruises the hind limb’s fetlock and part of the cannon. They are transpiring thanks to the perforated Neoprene and ventilated by 6 Air Intakes. The internal padding in Gel-Tech provide an optimal impact absorption and the Carbon Fibre Elements offer an Extra Protection against collisions. On the external side, the Flex Zone guarantees complete freedom of movement.

Main features:

–       External structure in TPU with differentiated thickness;

–       Designed to gentle strengthen the response of the horse during jumping (Level 1/3(*))

–       Gel-Tech Internal Padding for impacts absorption;

–       Carbon Fibre Elements for Extra Protection;

–       Flex-Zone for a complete freedom of movement;

–       100% Made in Italy.