GPA Jock Up Three 4S Helmet


The Jock Up Three 4S Riding helmet from GPA. This helmet carries the EN 1384: 2012 Certificate which means that JOCKEYS in the UK can wear this helmet.
New Worldwide Safety Concept: REDLINE Collection. This new concept patented by GPA helmet helps absorb shocks in succession, thus doubling your security.
What happens during an impact to the helmet?
The point of impact is the center of a shock wave that can cause damage. Traditionally helmets are composed of two layers, a rigid shell and an EPS foam liner.
The REDLINE collection is composed of four layers of materials. The 4S superposition offers remarkabledamping ability and better resistance to lateral compression.

1S: Outer shell to cushion the first part of the shock waves. Made and designed absorbent polymer to deform under impact.
2S: This layer absorbs the residual shock wave.
3S: This is the main hull, reinforced with fiberglass, it provides rigidity and protection of the cranial box.
4S shell in EPS just finished decelerating shock crashing allowing no forward pressure on the cranial box andminimizes the risk of cranial lesions.

DESIGN Jock Up Three 4S:
Produced in ABS
Maximum ventilation with 3 large vents in the front and two in back.
Anatomical jugular red leather stitched.
Contour EPS red leather interior: aesthetics and durability. Leather chin.
Interchangeable interior foam, treated Sanitized and Coolmax, breathable and antibacterial.
Machine washable inner.