The Half Pad Absorb is made out of combination of ultra light innovative materials, each with it’s specific qualities needed for a half pad. The pad is shaped with thin synthetic leather over the wither to give your horse the best comfort and to avoid pressure. The shock absorbing foam inside is soft and flexible but with the ideal density. This density is needed for a close contact feel, stability of the saddle and the comfort of the horse and rider. The absorb fabric is an anti-slip, quick drying and breathable fabric. The binding and piping are made out of synthetic leather, which makes the pad very easy to maintain and clean.

  • Ultra light
  • Maximum shock absorption
  • Shaped over the withers
  • Close contact
  • Extreme comfort
  • Anti-slip
  • Quick drying and breathable
Kentucky Horsewear
Black/White/Brown, White/White/Brown, Navy/White/Brown, Grey/White/Brown