Todd Minikus and Quality Girl

Summer Tips for Horse and Rider 4


Todd Minikus and Quality Girl do it again! The winners of Tryon’s Summer 6 CSI 2* Ingles Grand Prix became and have remained a formidable jumping force. We asked Todd where it all began and this is what he shared:

Quality Girl came into Todd’s barn a little over 5 years ago. A friend sent two sale horses over to be schooled and sold. So in a way Quality Girl found Todd rather than the other way around!

Quality Girl was slated to be sold as a junior amateur jumper.  At the time she arrived, Todd’s top jumper, Pavarotti, was no longer jumping and Todd kept asking a little more of the sale horses (just in case there was more in there)!

As Todd kept asking Quality Girl the questions, she kept responding with the right answers; Jump higher- yes, Turn sharper-yes, Be careful not to take a rail- yes. It soon became “clear” that Quality Girl had all the potential and little over a year after she arrived at his farm, Todd formed the Quality Group, that lucky group of owners who still own her today-or as Todd likes to say –“she owns them”.

Her amicable  “puppy dog” disposition around the barn is deceiving, because as soon as she enters the ring she pumps up with the excitement and “she fights for the win”. “It makes her easy and fun to show”, says Todd and the results speak for themselves!


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