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César Hirsch

César Hirsch was born in Caracas with a passion for horse sport and a knack for business. He graduated in Venezuela with a bachelor’s degree in International Business and performed specialized post-graduate studies in the Advanced Program in International Business at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1994.His passion for horses and interest in the equestrian sport led him to compete internationally for ten years, beginning in 1979. He is an FEI Judge level 4 and Chief Steward level 4, FEI Course Director and Steward General for Venezuela. During his close to 3 decades in the FEI he accounts for hundreds of international events including Olympic Games RIO 2016, 2 World Equestrian Games, 3 World Cup Finals, 6 Pan-American Games, 6 Central American and Caribbean Games, 4 Bolivarian Games and Central American Games, 5 South and North American Championships, CSIO 5* and CSI 5*among others. He also served for the TOKYO2020 Olympic Games as Consultant and Discipline Manager for Jumping; Deputy Chairman and Group V Representative of the FEI Nominations Committee (2013-2017) and as Official Technical Ambassador of Just World International. He currently serves as Chair of the Pan-American Equestrian Confederation (PAEC), Member of the Equine Ethics and Wellbeing Commission and Board Member for the Caribbean Equine Relief Fund.His skills in communication achieved through years in professional business activities and his affinity for sport led him to television and radio broadcasting. He starred in live broadcasts of the National Football League in two Superbowls: XXXVI in New Orleans, Louisiana, and XXXVII in San Diego, California. He was the first Venezuelan to broadcast the NFL.César is dedicated to the promotion and development of equestrian sports. To that end, he took a stylish turn with the launch of Equis, LLC and is bringing a touch of international luxury to the North American market through Equis Boutique and its partners.César is married to Francis Hoet, originally hailing from Belgium and one of Wellington’s top broker associates (www.wellingtonproperties.com). They have 4 children: Nicole, Leopoldo, Victoria, and Isabella