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The Aprilia Bridle has a widened middle of the head piece, thin browband without padding and thicker padded noseband with decorative cream color topstitching, stainless steel buckles, and a 1/2” (13 mm) removable flash strap

Avila Equestrian is a premiere brand dedicated to equestrians and their horses. We have developed high quality leather tack: Durability, quality and design are the fundamental pillars of the brand.
Founded by accomplished entrepreneurs with a lifelong passion for riding and love for horses. At Avila Equestrian, we focus and aim for excellence as our tack is made with premium Italian leather material that is durable and of quality that sets our tack apart from others. Explore our variety of products: bridles, halters, reins, accessories, & girths created by equestrians themselves.
Our horseware products are specifically designed for best possible performance of both the horse and rider, while none-the-less keeping up with the different style trends. We aim to celebrate the bond between horse and rider.