Flex On Green Composite BLACK IUG


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Flex On Green Composite BLACK IUG


The GC2 stirrups, best-seller of the Flex-on range combines comfort, personalization and performance. it helps to provide stability to the leg and enables perfect positioning of the rider
It ensures an improvement in technical performance thanks to its ergonomics and shock-absorption system.

A selection of colours is available for each component from which you can chose to create your own personalised stirrups :

  • Frames:11 different colours
  • Footbeds:3 different colours
  • Schock absorbers:17 different colours
  • Magnet stickers : 150 different designs

The footrest comes in 2 different shapes : inclined or flat and for which you can select 2 different treads:grip or ultragrip.



  • Green composite stirrup weight : 800 gr
  • Spring steel frame :

– Hot-forged and treated to prevent oxidation and increase strength and longevity.

– Overmolded with an environmentally- sourced polyamide material.

  • Interchangeable kits:

– footbed inserts : standard grip or ultra-grip (adhesion +)

– Magnetic stickers

  • Footbed inclined, flat or endurance
  • Stirrup leather : Offset and skewed slot to encourage optimum leg position, thus improves the posture of the rider.
  • Can be customised