Flex On Hunter Stirrups IUG


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Product Description


The Hunter stirrup was inspired by a trip in Wellington, Florida in the USA. This is a stirrup specifically designed for the US Show Hunter market. Its clean-cut design enhances the harmony between the rider and the horse.

A selection of colours is available for each component from which you can chose to create your own personalised stirrups :

  • Frames:2 different colours (aluminium and black aluminium)
  • Schock absorbers:5 different colours
  • Magnet stickers:35 different designs

The footrest comes in 2 different shapes : inclined or flat and for which you can select 2 different treads:grip or ultragrip.


  • Hunter pair of stirrups weight:750 gr
  • Frame:

Hot forged and treated to prevent oxidation and increase strength and longevity.

  • Interchangeable kits:

– footbed inserts:standard grip or ultra-grip (adhesion +)

– Magnetic stickers

  • Footbed:inclined, or flat

Stirrup leathers:Offset and skewed slot to encourage optimum leg position, thus improves the posture of the rider.

  • Can be customised